When People Suck . . .

People Suck When . . .


. . . the dont put out.

Posted under Things that Piss me Off by Angry Lioness

Are you thinking that was a sexual statement? Well, it’s not. It’s about those moronic companies that we all pay hundreds of dollars to each year – that claim they will provide “insert whatever service floats your boat here”, only to find that they DONT PUT OUT. It’s all a big crock of shit isn’t it?

For example, I pay (alot) of money for a dedicated server. A few days ago I get an email that their server was experiencing issues and they “lost” some data, despite the backups- which incidentally were also lost. So… if I would be so kind, would I log into my account and create new ones with a new file name.

For Christsake’ I suppose, if I have to. I think I’d rather have teeth pulled with novacaine, but okay, fine. Shit happens. So, of course I log into my server only to find that the backup is now corrupt and will no longer function. So, I send out an email back to support to let them know their “issues” certainly aren’t fixed. This is 5 fucking days ago… I have called 11 Times. .. Do you mean to tell me that they can’t get the lead out of their asses and reset the back up server in FIVE DAYS TIME????

So, I call again this morning, not only is the back-up not functioning, but neither are any of the mailing lists. I have over 12,000 people on my email list that are expecting Newsletters but can I get them out, OHhhhhh NOOOOOO. (Yeah, that was as frigging sarcastic as I could get it to sound without adding a friggin’ sound byte.)

So, we are heading into Day 6 of “My hosting Company Techs have their fingers up their asses, yet they still won’t Put OUT.

~Pissed Off Lioness

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