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People Suck When . . .


Blue Laws…

Posted under Things that Piss me Off by Angry Lioness

So here it is, a beautiful Sunday morning, the Sun is shining, it’s 60+ degrees, and dh Finally has a day off. We have a bunch of errands to run, need a few groceries, and hubby needs some steel toe boots for work.

Fine… we go into walmart, spend half an hour digging through the shit on the shelves trying to find a pair that fit and Finally… FINALLY we find a pair that’s relatively comfortable. Another 15 minutes later, we have some half decent, albeit expensive, insoles to go with them. Grab a few more groceries, gallon of milk and we’re at the register.

The cashier looks up with a blank look on her face and holds up my husbands shoes… “You can buy these before 1:30 pm”.

me:   Um, I’m sorry What the Fuck??

She says, “You can’t buy shoes before 1:30 pm”.

I said, yes ma’am, I heard you the first time, WHY Not??

her: “Well the Blue Law.”

me: Okay, I’ll bite, what the hell is the BLUE Law??

Her: “Well, you shouldn’t be shopping, you should be at church. Since your not, you cant buy any merchandise- no shoes, clothes, electronics, etc. Just groceries.”

:rtfm: Um, Ex-Fucking-Scuse Me????

She said, “Well, it’s like liquor or alcohol, you cant buy it before 1:30pm”

Well, that’s just flipping Ducky dearie,  but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to drink my work boots!!!

“Well, that laws been in effect for over a hundred years and that’s just how it is”.  :yank:

So we finished ringing up and left the work shoes, the insoles and a fucking thermometer behind (yeah, apparantly you cant buy a thermometer when you have the goddamn flu, because you should be in CHURCH not Shopping!). At that particular moment I felt likeburning down the nearest congregation.


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