When People Suck . . .

People Suck When . . .


they charge you an arm and a leg. . .

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The fam and I thought it would be a great idea to check out the circus. After all, it’s not everyday you can see The Ringling Brothers- Barnum & Bailey show!   While the performance was absolutely WONDERFUL, very well choreographed and the animals appeared to be in excellent health and well taken care of, the Prices of the Food were Outrageous!

As we entered we got the normal post 9/11 treatment, empty your pockets, open your bags, hand over your camera etc. After the usual shakedown (which appeared to be more to prevent poor moms from bringing in water or snacks for their kids), we were permitted to enter. The lady behind us was forced to toss out a candy bar, a pack of gum and her new bottle of water.

We thought we’d be smart, we ate before we went and figured we’d allow each of our kids 1 treat- after all, the ticket prices for the circus ranged from $22-74 per PERSON just to get in the door. It didn’t take long for that Idea to shit the bed.

* A small box of popcorn $7.
* a Medium Lemonade $9.
* 1 Bag of Cotton Candy, $12. I SHIT you NOT. $12- and it wasn’t a large bag, it was smaller than a short loaf of gooey store bought-bread.
* Hamburger- No Cheese $6.
* Bottle of Water $3.25

Okay, it’s hot, it’s dry, theres a zillion people, our throats are parched. Ok, bite the bullet, we’ll buy a water and refill it. Haha, the joke is on us, a bottle of water is $3.25 and the bathrooms only have mist hand wash systems (good luck filling a bottle with that!). Not a single drinking fountain in the place and if you ask a concession stand vendor to please fill your bottle, they laugh and say, uh, No.

So now we’re inside, at our seats and the junk food peddlers are pushing their wares. . . and all I can hear is ‘ puh-cowen, puh-cowen, hut puh-cow-un heeah.”  I leaned over to my hubby and asked him what the hell they were saying. He translated “Popcorn, Popcorn, Hot Popcorn Here”.

MMM… Kayyyyy. Silly me, I wave him down and ask how much.. and he’s all too busy telling me what a bargain I’m getting. Whoa, wait a minute, back the train up… I didn’t say I was buying the shit, I asked HOW MUCH IS IT….

$7.00 . Yeah SEVEN Dollars… for the same amount you get in a microwave popcorn bag for .23 cents – and just as stale. I don’t think so.

We continue watching the show, enjoying the talents of the cast members, with the peddlers moving in and out of the rows time and time again.  I nearly lost it when the lady in front of us shelled out $24 for 2 tiny bags of Cotton Candy.  Apparently she must be rolling in the :dough: to be able to spend that kind of money on 2 bags of Cotton Candy. I had to laugh when ds pointed out we could rent a cotton candy machine for a day for that price.

What happened to the days of the entire family going to an event, having a hot dog or 2, a can of pop, a bag of chips and some sort of fried or sweet treat? These days, if you can afford tickets to get it to a show, you’re counting your pennies to make sure you’ll have enough Fumes in your gas tank to make it back home again afterwards.

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