When People Suck . . .

People Suck When . . .


The Fickle Finger of Fate…

Posted under Mary Fuckin' Poppins' by Angry Lioness

This morning I was sitting at my computer, I had just finished reading 2 rather rotten emails bitching about whatever terrible thing I’d neglected to do on my site- people taking the time to point out just what they thought,- the short version- My website sucked because it didn’t have the recipe or suggestion they were looking for and how dare I waste their precious time by having such a lousy site.

Under normal circumstances, I would have beelined straight for this site, posted a long diatribe about how much people suck and why… but I found, I couldn’t. I realized 2 things- first, their anger probably wasn’t with me to begin with, but rather something more pressing in their life that caused them to be frustrated enough to want to vent on me and secondly, that if I replied to them in the manner in which I initially felt (aka, Bite Me Doughboy), it would have simply perpetuated more hostility. (Just what the world needs, right?) Buzzzzz. wrong.

Recently I reconnected with a friend from days long passed who has opened my eyes to so many things that I have ignored, repressed, forgotten about, and even given up on. I thought, prior to this Sunrise of hope, that I was doing just fine. I had no idea the amount of bitterness, cynicism, and anger that I put out to the world, the negative connotations that I automatically accepted without question. I found myself in shock.

How can someone who has not seen me in over 10 years See ME so clearly?

It made me wonder, have I really changed that much in the last 10 years? Did I forget how to enjoy the little things of beauty that surround me, and if I have – just how did I get to that point? So, I went back and re-read my posts on my various blogs, (So by now you’re probably thinking- you wrote them, why do you need to go Read them??) well.. because most often when I write it is with blind emotion. A passion that I feel in the heat of the moment and I thrust the words out before they are forgotten in the next heat of the moment.

Anyway, I digress. I reread those posts and I could almost hear my friends softspoken gentle voice asking me, now how do you think I’d have handled that? I found myself smiling and blushing.. thinking… a hell of a lot better than I did.

So how can one person change almost 15 years of shitty thinking just by truly listening and calmly pointing out a different perspective when I had reached a point that I no longer gave a shit about anything… and how does this person manage to see beauty and love in nearly everything- able to point out some good in any situation, laugh about nothing and everything at the same time and …. well..

I’m going to stop now, because I’m once again at a loss for words (hey what do you expect- I’m still learning how NOT to be a miserable bitch all the time.



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