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The IRS can Suck My . .

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Big Calloused toe. I’ve been sitting here pouring over receipts, tax forms, 1099’s, W2’s, dividend reports, you name it, It’s in this stack of crap on my desk, awaiting my half burned out retina’s to scan through and decipher the useful crap from the useless crap. It all still comes down to one thing, it’s all still Bullshit in the end.

So.. when is this country going realize that we’ve become a consumer nation and as a consumer nation it’s about time that we changed our view of how we handle Taxes. Quite frankly my dear, I, for one, am damn sick of spending copious amounts of my time reviewing the latest laws, searching for deductions that don’t amount to shit.

Personally, I think we ought to dissolve the IRS completely, No Income taxes at all. Rather than penalize those that are willing to bust their ass for a living,  I would prefer to see a tax on goods, (for example sake, say 4%). Which essentially means, if you pay $10,000 for a car- you pay a 4% tax on it to the government, if you buy a 100,000 Hummer, you still pay 4% tax on it.

The tax should not apply to certain items, those items being Groceries and Fuel, but Should apply to all other goods (Homes, Property, Vehicles, consumer Crap- the shit you buy at walmart/Target/insert your favorite store here).

Why? Because instead of a few Americans paying in taxes EVERYONE would be forced to pay taxes.  It would remove the attack against the poor complaints and the attack against the rich complaints. If you want to buy crap, pay for it.

All the (millions) of illegals in the US would be paying taxes- they’d have no choice.. they’re here, they’re going to buy “stuff”. I don’t give a rats ass how big of a wall you build between here and Mexico, this country is always going to have an influx of illegals, you might as well generate some revenue off them.

The US would save BILLIONS of dollars by removing the IRS. Think of all the man hours that would no longer have to be paid and the amount of stress that people go through filing taxes- the depression subscriptions that would drop. Incidentally, this would also ensure funding for both Social Security and Medicare, allow people to retain their entire paycheck, and brings accountability to the tax policy- something it has been lacking for quite some time.

People that are Frugal, that aren’t stuck in consumerism hell would be the ones that paid the least. If you’re happy with buying a used car, the tax was already paid, you’re all set. Maybe it would make otherwise greedy people think twice about wasting the resources at their fat little fingertips. Obviously- we live in a society of Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee, I want it and I want it right NOW. If you live within your means then you will pay less in taxes, period.

But since our current tax system is completely fucked, I’m off to make yet another pot of coffee & spend god knows how many more hours searching thoroughly for every deduction I qualify for.

IRS, this ones for you:

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