When People Suck . . .

People Suck When . . .


The Fabric of Life is Mildewed

Posted under Lost Causes by Angry Lioness

At some point in your life, you come to the realization of whether or not you matter to people in yours. All my life I’ve wanted a big family – the kind you see on tv specials during the holidays- the ones that argue, but always seem to love each other in the end.  Maybe that’s why I hate TV so much, all the lies it spreads about life. The truth is, most families are so dysfunctional that the individuals within them care only about themselves.
Case in point, my own mother has not even ATTEMPTED to visit me in over 7 years. In fact, she even stated to me that when she visited me the last time, the bed was the equivalent of sleeping on the floor and my house was too dirty. Interestingly enough, our house was in the process of being remodeled, we had torn out Lathe and Plaster walls from the late 1800′s and replaced them with Drywall. Pardon the dust, but it’s a bit difficult to prevent it in those particular circumstances. As for the bed, well I’m sorry your highness that the bed we deliberately purchased JUST for your visit wasn’t up to par with the 5 star hotels your accustomed to when you travel, but we were working within an extremely limited budget.

If you’d have preferred, you could have stayed at a goddamn hotel, but apparently only if I footed the bill. But that’s all okay, you already stated you “won’t be bullied into visiting me” again. I wasn’t aware that it was considered “bullying” to want your family to spend time with you. Not a problem, I won’t make that mistake again.

Family is an emotional security blanket, unfortunately mine arrived torn, mildewed and full of moth holes.

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