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Nucking’ Futs’ gone have I

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Today’s Revelation, I’m Nucking Futs.  Please forgive me for I have sinned, it’s been 32 years since my last confession…

Where to start.. I was pacing the floor this morning, half out of my mind with a panicky feeling that something was seriously not right, but at the same time trying to maintain some semblance of a sane or at least somewhat rational mind.    (Incidently, that was relieved by learning a family member had given birth but nearly went into cardiac arrest during the process <both she and babe are now fine>). A rather frightening disclosure that managed to alleviate that panic.

As if that weren’t quite enough I was compelled to delve into my past, take a look at my warped view of something that I had long since buried deep within the pit of my being and be damned if I didn’t finally come to the conclusion that I have a tendency to view various circumstances with my inner senses rather than logically.  Why is it that I find I have a propensity to rationalize things emotionally rather than with lucid, logical explanations?

Why can I look at the very same situation with different people & come to a clear and concise point of view, yet I am completely unable to view myself in that same light?! How did I become so self depricating and not even realize it? And why, pray tell, did it take me this long to see it?

So I spent the better part of late afternoon mulling over a plethora of events in my life,  (flashes of hell, if you will), reconsidering every irrational, disturbed perspective I have ever placed upon myself and I was dumbstruck. Had ANY friend of mine, at ANY time in her life divulged to me the arguments that I uttered to myself I would have set her straight Immediately, without question, as was done with me.  How is it that I was unable, (perhaps Unwilling) to do this for my own piece of mind?

What salient reason could there be?  I know who I am, as a woman, I know what I want, I know where I want to be in life, at least, I did know these things. Now, I’m wondering several things- Why do I stand in the way of my own happiness, because essentially, I AM the only thing in my Own Way! What the Hell is Wrong with Me?!

Revelation #1- Self Deprication – I suppose my (lousy excuse for doing this would be)  if I point out my bad points, as I see them, to everyone else, they wont have the chance and we can all just get on with the business of life.  This whole business of self deprication is utterly ridiculous, “no one can you make you feel inferior without your consent” (E.Roosevelt).

Revelation #2- Friends are like bras- close to your heart and there for support


If only I had Lilapsophobia . .

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Lilapsophobia- the one affliction I’ve never had to endure. Lilapsophobia is the fear of Tornadoes (and/or hurricanes).

A few days ago as I was crossing state lines down south, the storm tracker broke through the middle of a good country song with another tornado warning. My son listened to the report intently and promptly grabbed his cell phone and called my mother to relay his fear of our impending deaths.

According to the news break, we were driving directly in the path of an oncoming twister that had reportedly already destroyed several houses, plucked the roofs off like tufts of ripe cotton in a field. I could feel the power of the storm, the hairs on my arm had risen to greet the electricity in the air, yet I was unable to share his concern.

I calmly reminded my children of their tornado training- if we pull over fast, get the hell out of the truck, lay down in the deepest part of the ditch and cover your head with your hands, don’t look up and don’t get. Of course, they were already aware of what to do; they have tornado drills at school. While I relayed these tidbit reminders, I quickly grabbed my camera, checking to make sure the battery wouldn’t give out on me should I be given the chance to snap an amazing shot.

As we moved deeper within the super cell, thunder vibrated the truck with a deafening roar that tickled the hairs on the back of my neck, lighting streaking across the sky – splintered crackling fingers of power stretching to reach the earth. I smiled, silently reminding myself that it was myth that lightening strikes the tallest target, she hits whatever she pleases.

I could see the kids were getting more nervous and I chatted with them to allay their fears, but I was beginning to feel exhilarated. My pulse quickening with each lightening strike as they lit up the sickly-greenish black sky. The rain suddenly becoming fierce, a river against the windshield and visibility was less than a car length. Another breaking warning, this time with sirens running in the background of the station but I didn’t hear the update I was enthralled with the watching the quarter size hail that was hammering down from above, forming in rough piles alongside the road.

Beside me the puppy whined, my ears popped, twice within a moments time – my eyes frantically scanning all directions, watching for debris or the telltale funnel, wanting to chase the storm, stay in the center of it, but knowing that I couldn’t allow the kids to remain in the path.

A few moments later, the kids were within the safety of a building, I ventured back outside, face to the sky, eyes closed, breathing in all in, enjoying the stentorian wind as it roared around my body, tangling my hair. Without further warning the sky opened up and the downpour began once more.

Forced to go inside, I longed to to remain in the storm, alas, I was held back.


The Inferno: Nine Circles of Hell

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The Inferno: Nine Circles of Hell – here we go again, one of those lovely internet surveys we all love to hate. <G>

First Circle

Are you religious?

I’m very spiritual, let’s put it that way.

Do you believe in an afterlife?

Yes, along with reincarnation, and several other things.

Do you criticize other religions?

Tough one. I don’t criticize Anyone’s religion or beliefs, what I criticize is how some of them often like to Shove it down other’s throats and completely disregard that we all have a right to our own beliefs and spiritual path. While I’m at, may I point out that I don’t believe any one path is right or just. If it’s what you believe in your heart of hearts, that’s what happens.

Do you think that believing in an ultimate being is dumb?

No, but I believe that question was idiotic. If there isn’t something higher than humanity- we’re all Fucked.

Second Circle

Is your body sacred, or is it a toy?

Depends on who you ask. It’s sacred to me. But I’m sure there are plenty people out there that would view it as a toy to play with and toss away without second thought.

Do you think having sex is something to be proud of?

Sex isn’t about Pride.

Do you find yourself constantly having romantic thoughts?

I’m over romance, that’s a girls pipe dream.

Would you date someone who is sexually active?

Again, who writes this shit?

What is your favorite part of a romantic TV show, movie, or book?

hopefully the happy ending.

Are you constantly craving sexual satisfaction?

lol… a wise person once defined Nymphomaniac: a woman as obsessed with sex as an average man

Third Circle

What is something you find yourself constantly wanting?


Do you reward yourself?

sure, with more work.

Do you heal hurt feelings with food?

nah, I heal them by cleaning- scrubbing the house until it shines.. or by exercising until I nearly vomit. Very cathartic.

Do you overeat?

no. I fear my fat.

Fourth Circle

What is your favorite object?

I don’t have one, but my photos mean a lot to me.

If your house was on fire, would you save this object?


Would you sell this object if a million dollars was offered for it?


Why is this object important to you?

photographs mean everything to me, without them I’d lose the rest of my memories.

Fifth Circle

If someone talked smack about you, what would you do?

Well now, I guess it depends on the situation. If someone wants to run their mouth, then by all means, go for it. I’m a big girl, I can handle your bullshit.

Do you fight with words or punches?

depends on the fight, Who or What I am fighting for.  I’ve fought with both.

Do you find yourself saying mean things to people over the internet that you wouldn’t say in real life?

Nope, what you see is what you get. In case you haven’t already noticed, I say how I feel and I mean what I say.

If someone dissed something you worked hard on, what would you do?

Nothing, fuck’em if they can’t grasp what’s important to me. What would you have me do, crawl into fetal position and cry on the floor hoping for acceptance and love?? I’m over it. I’ve accepted I’m not Mary Poppins, Have you?

Forgive and forget, or forget to forgive?

Once again, depends on the situation.

Sixth Circle

What illegal or sacreligious activites do you practice?


Are you rebellious against your religions’ teachings?

No, I accept them with in perfect love and perfect trust.

Have you ever felt the desire to practice witch craft?

okee dokee, laughing my ass off now, Yeah- you might say that, since I am openly Pagan, that is, per say A WITCH.  I believe in a balance, a God and a Goddess. I worship the seasons, the earth and her gifts, the ancient ones.

Seventh Circle

Do you have violent thoughts about the person you hate?

not any more.  “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated” (CS.King)

Have you ever wanted to kill someone?

I’ve wanted someone dead…  Could I have taken their life… probably.

Who was the last person you hit?

I don’t know his name, but I think he learned his hand didn’t belong on My Ass.

What weapon would you want if you entered a Battle Royale situation (basically, where you hafta kill your classmates and friends)?

Another utterly ridiculous question.

Have you ever wanted to take a martial arts class?


Eighth Circle

Do you do things you know are bad?

I have.

Would you work for a corrupt association that paid you big bucks?

I wouldn’t.

Ninth Circle

Would you rather be a traitor against your friends or family?

family, many of them have betrayed me. You know what they say, you can choose your friends, not your family.

When is it an alright time to betray your loved ones?

there isn’t.

How do you feel when someone betrays you?

like a piece of my soul has died.


The Sour Grapes Survey (aka Valentines Day Survey)

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The Sour Grapes Survey (aka Valentines Day Survey)

1. Are you single or taken?

2. Chocolate or flowers?

Chocolate Covered Flowers.
3. Will you do anything special for Valentines Day?

Um, lemme think, No.
4. Do you like anyone?

Would this be a valentines ques?? No, not particularly, this week I don’t really like too many people at all… don’t like the bitch at walmart that wouldn’t let me buy shoes, dont like the neighbors dog that shit on my walkway again, crap, I’m digressing.
5. Were you dating anyone last Valentines?

Married then, married now
6. What would be your dream Valentines date?

Valentines is just another commercialized shit hole day. (Hmm… **Note to Self**I should start a page on cynicism)
7. Do you make a big deal about Valentines?

See above

8. Have you ever had a secret admirer?

I suppose that’s a secret. All kidding aside,  I very seriously doubt it.

9. Would you ever write someone a love letter?

ayuh. (For all you southerner’s that’s a Yes)

10. Do you believe in Cupid?

um, lemme think, no. But I did see a man in diapers carrying a bow on Jerry Springer once…. does that count?
11. Do your parents give you presents on Valentines?

When I was a kid I think they gave me a little box of chocolates once or twice.

12. Do you still send out Valentines cards?

yes, I do. I send them to people that need a smile/hug, so they dont end up bitter like me.
13. Do you like candy hearts?

um, not particularly. They’re cute and funny, but they taste like shit.
14. What is something you got last Valentines?

?????? a card.
15. Is Valentines depressing?..

16. How do you feel about PDA?

Dont Care.
17. How is your love life?

just Peachy.
18. Have you ever been dumped on Valentines?

19. How many roses would you want?

None. I prefer Carnations, they smell better, they last longer and they’re 1/4 of the price, They mean Much more to me than roses ever will.
20. Will you have a boyfriend next Valentine?

Ahh… re-read #1.


Useless Real Estate Brokers…

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Perhaps you know one… it shouldn’t be hard to find one these days. I know several, hell, our real estate broker is about as useless as they come.

Our house has been on the market for a year, with 3 showings, total in that timeframe. The last showing was 3 months ago, and although I would love to be able to share the feedback, the useless bastard couldn’t be bothered to follow up with the broker that showed the house and provide me with any. You know what pisses me off the most? I asked the lazy prick… “You are familiar with the Market, You know what’s out there, what’s for sale, What do YOU Recommend I list the house for?”

I had an appraisal in hand, I also know an appraisal doesn’t mean jack shit. I wanted to know What the broker Felt the house should list for to make it competitive with the other properties in the area. His response, “well, um, that’s up to you”. Well Holy Shit, thanks for that Bright Well Thought Out Articulate Fucking response Jack-o.

I realize the market has turned to shit the last year. When I listed the house I told the lazy son of a bitch that my main concern was Communication. I expect an email at least 2 times a month letting me know what (if any) marketing has been done on the house. Was it in a friggin’ rag somewhere? Did you post it on the internet? Did you tell your cousin fred you just listed it?

But no, in the last 6 months, I have received a total of 3 emails, only after I called and left a message, and only because the listing was expiring. Then, on top of it, the dumb ass lists it in the MLS as a 1 1/2 story house. I’m sorry, but how is a 2 story house WITH an Attic only a 1 and half story house??  Please do explain that to me…

So fuck it, the house is for sale and I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of dodge, so we packed up our shit and left anyway. I shut the power off, shut the water off, dumped a few buckets of antifreeze down the lines and locked the door on my way. And NO, in case your wondering, No, the door did NOT hit me in the ass on the way out. I was in too much of a hurry for that to happen.