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Gooberment Shutdown

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Ahh, here we go again, we’re in the midst of a Gooberment shutdown that began over a week ago because some douche canoe can’t see the forest for the trees. Folks, if you think the “Affordable Care Act” is affordable, you either already have insurance through your employer, or you are on state aid, Period. There is not a single person I’ve found yet that made it through their antiquated 634 BILLION Dollar Website (no shit!), and discovered “Affordable Insurance” sitting at the end of the rigamarole Rainbow. I attempted it after over  a week of trying to get through and receiving server errors and 404 errors, it asked me for every social security number of everyone in the household. Let me think, NO. I just want a “price”.. a bottom line, so to speak. Basically dick, I just want to know how far up my ass you plan on sticking that #Obummercare without any lube. And I got my answer too.. to the tune of $5K in penalties if we didn’t sign up and $22,000 out of pocket for a family of 4 (after deductible). :dough: Which is rather interesting considering there is supposed to be a CAP for their “Penalty Fee” – that’s complete and utter bullshit folks, there is NO Cap, and I hope you realize that they have the right to seize your PROPERTY for not paying for Health Insurance. Seriously, you should read that shit law- The Big O apparently didn’t, I guess 20,0000 pages of bullshit was a bit like rereading “Of Mice and Men” for him.

:yank: What’s more, Our news media is so damn censored they’re neglecting to broadcast ANY of the actual protests that are taking place, shy of the Muslim protests (shit, they can ALWAYS get air-time!) So much so that I’ve taken to watching the News of multiple other countries just to see the bigger picture. At this point, I shall continue to watch the US news only with a glimmer of hope that we’ll have a JFK moment sometime SOON to save us all from the path of no return.


:freeze:  For all those farmers who got nailed with the blizzard last week and completely and utterly ignored while you lost over 75,000 cattle, our hearts are with you and your families at this time, may you recover from your devastating losses.



2012 Guide to Groceries under $250 a month

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:dough: Wow, for once a well thought out eBook on saving cash. Nice and I got my copy for free by sharing it with you.


The Fabric of Life is Mildewed

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At some point in your life, you come to the realization of whether or not you matter to people in yours. All my life I’ve wanted a big family – the kind you see on tv specials during the holidays- the ones that argue, but always seem to love each other in the end.  Maybe that’s why I hate TV so much, all the lies it spreads about life. The truth is, most families are so dysfunctional that the individuals within them care only about themselves.
Case in point, my own mother has not even ATTEMPTED to visit me in over 7 years. In fact, she even stated to me that when she visited me the last time, the bed was the equivalent of sleeping on the floor and my house was too dirty. Interestingly enough, our house was in the process of being remodeled, we had torn out Lathe and Plaster walls from the late 1800′s and replaced them with Drywall. Pardon the dust, but it’s a bit difficult to prevent it in those particular circumstances. As for the bed, well I’m sorry your highness that the bed we deliberately purchased JUST for your visit wasn’t up to par with the 5 star hotels your accustomed to when you travel, but we were working within an extremely limited budget.

If you’d have preferred, you could have stayed at a goddamn hotel, but apparently only if I footed the bill. But that’s all okay, you already stated you “won’t be bullied into visiting me” again. I wasn’t aware that it was considered “bullying” to want your family to spend time with you. Not a problem, I won’t make that mistake again.

Family is an emotional security blanket, unfortunately mine arrived torn, mildewed and full of moth holes.


Beltane Blues

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First, I’ve got to say that I am rather disappointed in the lack of celebration during Beltane.  I realize that you, dear reader, may not be familiar with Beltane, which is a major holiday for Pagans like myself who celebrate the Wheel of the Year (which consists of eight Sabbats. Four are Solar in nature, and four are Lunar in nature; all mark the passing of the year with natural milestones.) For additional clarification, all the sabbats are either Major or Minor, the major Sabbats being Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, and Lughnasadh. The minor Sabbats being Yule (Winter Solstice), Ostara (Spring Equinox), Litha (Summer Solstice) and Mabon (Autumn Equinox).
If you’re not pagan/wiccan/druid or any other earth based religion, you might recognize Beltane as May Day. For me, this day symbolizes life’s ability to renew itself. Love is in the air, so to speak, the earth is brimming of fecundity and life. In years passed I have participated in delightful ceremonies in which a Maypole (a rather phallic symbol representing the masculine aspect) was erected and bright ribbons in a range of soft colors (representing the feminine aspect) were hung from it, symbolizing the union of the God and Goddess, whilst we danced in joy and mirth to eccentric music that permeated my soul with peace. To me the Maypole is not only a traditional “fertility” symbol, but is also the time to fertilize ones dreams with action. This fire festival is by far one of my favorite Sabbats, and means a great deal to me for many reasons I won’t bore you with.
I suppose this is why I was so frustrated that I felt as though I must celebrate such an important occasion alone, suppressing my thoughts and desires from those around me, both family and friends. I found myself torn, wanting to bare a part of my soul, to emphatically express what I felt, to at least attempt to convey what it means to me and why, yet I found that I besieged myself with arguments -personal torments if you will- as to why I shouldn’t express my beliefs.

First, what is the point of explaining to others what you believe when it is clear that they not only don’t share your beliefs, but may lose what little respect they have for you? Why put yourself out there only to have someone look down their nose at you in a condescending manner as they inaudibly express a “humph” at your beliefs while not so secretly hoping they can “bring you around” to their own spiritual awakenings, if you will.
Secondly, I have no desire to push my beliefs onto anyone else… I feel that I’ve spent years discovering my own path and one must make that journey on their own. How is spirituality meaningful if you’re merely going through the motions of someone else’s truth?
And Finally, to me, it needs to be what you believe, it must infiltrate your being, it must fulfill something within oneself. If your spirituality doesn’t satiate your entire being, than you are on the wrong path. If you must be reminded by someone else that the holiday even exists, than perhaps that path is not for you at all, perhaps your journey is not yet over.

So I sit here, aching to fiercely celebrate this Sabbat, to share the joy, love, renewal, prolificacy that is Beltane, yet I must quell my own exigent state. For this reason, I am angry today.


Scrape My Horn – A Eulogy of Romance

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I sometimes wonder if chivalry and romance have died off completely. Are we so despondent as a society that a $5 card from Wal-Mart passes as a Romantic Gesture?  Don’t get me wrong, a card is nice, but how much of yourself really goes into it?  Do you really sit and read the cards until you find one that seems to suck the emotion out of your soul and say to yourself, “This is the one; this is the card to give the love of my life”. I didn’t think so.
Do men honestly believe that a woman wants to hear things like, “Hey baby, Wanna scrape my horn?”  Or, perhaps more boldly and with even less class, “Wanna F*ck?” or “Lets Bump Uglies & lick stinkies”, or any range of other ridiculous statements.

Really?   REALLY?

This is your choice statement for expressing your wanton desire to someone you supposedly love? This is your idea of turning your lady on, of igniting her passion until her most primal instincts swell within her and she is unable to contain herself any longer . . . Um, NO. What this does, dear sir, is cause your lady to roll her eyes and if she can even bring herself to “Do the deed”, she’ll fake an orgasm like you faked romance.

Gentlemen, let me take a moment to crudely explain something to you in terms that you can understand,  A woman is like a frying pan, you have to heat her up before you stick your meat in.

If you want a woman to rock your world, to take your every desire into consideration, you can start by telling her you appreciate all the things she does for you, that you find her beauty to be unsurpassed. You can start by making her feel like she’s important to you, rather than an afterthought. That while you may have had other woman in the past, there’s no comparison to what you have Now, with her; And if….. IF You don’t believe that, than Jack, just do her a favor, open the damn door, walk through it and don’t let it hit you in the backside on your way out, because she doesn’t need another intolerable, inconsiderate, self absorbing ass in her life, I can guarantee she’s experienced too many of those already.