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Gooberment Shutdown

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Ahh, here we go again, we’re in the midst of a Gooberment shutdown that began over a week ago because some douche canoe can’t see the forest for the trees. Folks, if you think the “Affordable Care Act” is affordable, you either already have insurance through your employer, or you are on state aid, Period. There is not a single person I’ve found yet that made it through their antiquated 634 BILLION Dollar Website (no shit!), and discovered “Affordable Insurance” sitting at the end of the rigamarole Rainbow. I attempted it after over  a week of trying to get through and receiving server errors and 404 errors, it asked me for every social security number of everyone in the household. Let me think, NO. I just want a “price”.. a bottom line, so to speak. Basically dick, I just want to know how far up my ass you plan on sticking that #Obummercare without any lube. And I got my answer too.. to the tune of $5K in penalties if we didn’t sign up and $22,000 out of pocket for a family of 4 (after deductible). :dough: Which is rather interesting considering there is supposed to be a CAP for their “Penalty Fee” – that’s complete and utter bullshit folks, there is NO Cap, and I hope you realize that they have the right to seize your PROPERTY for not paying for Health Insurance. Seriously, you should read that shit law- The Big O apparently didn’t, I guess 20,0000 pages of bullshit was a bit like rereading “Of Mice and Men” for him.

:yank: What’s more, Our news media is so damn censored they’re neglecting to broadcast ANY of the actual protests that are taking place, shy of the Muslim protests (shit, they can ALWAYS get air-time!) So much so that I’ve taken to watching the News of multiple other countries just to see the bigger picture. At this point, I shall continue to watch the US news only with a glimmer of hope that we’ll have a JFK moment sometime SOON to save us all from the path of no return.


:freeze:  For all those farmers who got nailed with the blizzard last week and completely and utterly ignored while you lost over 75,000 cattle, our hearts are with you and your families at this time, may you recover from your devastating losses.



Tired of dealing with Cupid STunts!

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I’m about to lose my fucking mind, I can completely understand why people go postal and wipe out the assholes that make life total hell :yank:

Let’s start with our degenerative school systems… Back in my day, if the a teacher wanted you to read a lousy novel for class, they provided you with a copy of said drivel. I’m sure you’re familiar with, “Of mice and men”, or “The Scarlet Letter”, etc. You know, the novels that were so damn bland, by the time you finished reading them you were considering gouging your eyeballs out with a fucking pen cap to avoid having to read another one.

Fast forward 20 fucking years to our so-called modernized world of, “Hey, we know you pay copious taxes, but those don’t cover a goddamn thing and you have to buy these boring ass books for your kids for our class or they automatically flunk”.

Seriously? Why the fuck do I pay taxes? I would really love to know where the hell that money goes… I have to pay $50 per kid to register them for school every year, then pay $75 per sport for them to play, then buy the fucking sporting equipment, then pay to WATCH their Fucking games (at $10 per person) so a minimum of $20 a week, then pay for the use of a musical instrument at school (um, last I knew it wasn’t possible to bring an entire drum set back and forth, if it were, my kid would use his own, since his is 1000x’s better than the schools outdated piece of shit).

I’m tired of being nickeled and dimed to death by a bunch of assholes that couldn’t care less about education. Case in point- my kid is dual enrolled in college, it’s the last week of school and he has to take a College History exam. The high school has the internet blocked – so he calls home and asks to leave school early and go to the library to use their internet to take his 2 hour exam. He would be missing 4th block, which incidentally would be a study hall for him that day because he refused to pay $2 to watch a FOOTBALL game at school. Yeah, the last week of school is a joke and they don’t hold classes, they have various activities that the kids have to PAY to attend or sit in the fucking cafeteria.

So he needed my “permission” to go leave school, which I obviously granted. The school attendance lady got all huffy with me on the phone, “Well, he’s missing 4th Block!” – to which I replied, “Which is NOT a class, it’s a damn football game and my son couldn’t care Less about High School Football”. So she got pissed off and said, “well, unless he has a dr’s note There is NO excuse for him to leave 4th block today.” My response was, “Are you Fucking Kidding Me? the Kid is Dual Enrolled in COLLEGE, He’s leaving a forced Football game viewing which he would have to PAY to attend in order to Go To the library and take an ONLINE TEST FOR A FUCKING COLLEGE Course CREDIT.”

I then proceeded to tell her, the kid is a Junior in HS who will have completed and ENTIRE year of college by the time he graduates, he works 30+ hours a week and he’s an Honor Roll student, from now on, he has my permission to come and go as he sees Fit and no longer needs ANY Further “Permission” from anyone to do so. She gets all cocky and says “he has to have written permission everytime” I told her, thanks for the heads up, I’ll write him an excuse sign it and he can photocopy it whenever he needs one. Cupid Stunt.

So this is where our education system has plummeted- a kid dual enrolled in college is a “loser” but it’s perfectly okay for kids to attend football games as long as they pay a few bucks. It’s all about the fucking money. Everything is always all about the fucking money. :weird:

:fu:   Fast Forward a few weeks . . .

I had to transfer some money from 1 account to another and pay a few bills with my bill pay. I don’t know about you, but I don’t print out the confirmations everytime when I transfer money,  I can say I sure as SHIT will be doing that from now on after this experience.

I transferred a couple grand from a savings to a checking- which I wouldn’t have to do at all if our Towel head fucking governor hadn’t been such a cheap bitch and secured our state from hackers by spending a couple bucks, but no, she allowed 3.6 MILLION tax payers to have their bank accounts Hacked and now our accounts are no longer secure so we can’t keep any decent sum of money in that account, I digress.

So, I transferred money from savings to checking, then logged into the bill pay and set 6 regular monthly bills to be paid. Only, the bank didn’t put the money in the correct account, they transferred it from 1 savings to the wrong checking and 4 days later my other half shit a fucking brick when he logged into our account and we were overdrawn by $1,500. I called the bank to find out wtf happened and showed them the money was taken out on the 6th when I transferred it and we discovered that it was put into the wrong checking. Did they fix the error? No, they transferred the money to the correct account, then shut off my fucking bill pay for 4 days saying my account was not approved, then charged me $150 fucking dollars in “returned payment fees”, then I had to call EACH of the poor bastards scheduled to receive the payments and explain to them the banks fucking error.

Seriously! Is mercury retrograde already? It took me 7 hours, 13 transfers to various bank people and 2 trips to my local bank with me nearly crawling across the desk to strangle the son of a bitch before they decided, “yup, you’re right, it was our error”. Holy Jumped up Jesus fucking christ, YA THINK?!



Exhaustion, Alzheimers at 31?

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Lately I find myself beyond exhaustion by the time I finally crawl into bed at night, but still lie awake pondering the events of the day, wondering whether I should’ve done things differently.  I continually find myself filled with an altruism that I can’t even find words to properly express, yet, when the actual moment comes to convey it, I lose my frigging mind, draw a blank, go completely numb if you will.

Take today for instance, a good friend of mine felt like shit this afternoon and although it was at the forefront of my mind, when said friend called me back, I neglected to ask whether they felt better or not. WTF? How can I have that single thought running through my head, causing angst, running through all the scenarios as to what is causing the ailment and what I can do to alleviate it, thinking of every herbal remedy I know of and where they may lay their hands upon said remedy~ only to completely forget once I hear their voice?  It was mentioned several minutes later, following another conversation having nothing whatsoever to do with health and here I am, several hours later, with that same ill feeling in the pit of my stomach wondering what the hell is wrong with me! Have I grown that insensitive?  That anesthetic and insensate to others feelings that I can’t even think to ask how they’re feeling? It was right there- hell the only thing on my mind before that phone rang, but the second I answered, Poof the Alzheimers dust landed.

Then, on top of it, said confidant offered me some advice on dealing with an unruly child that was truly making the day miserable, a calm amidst the storm, so to speak, and once again, I find myself wanting to say thank you- but those words are not enough; They’re hollow and cannot portray what I feel.

So, the angry lioness is once again angry, this time, with herself, rather than any external force or situation. I’m angry at my inability to verbally Vocalize the actual words, “THANK YOU”, without looking at the floor! I’m angry that I lack the ability to articulate myself eloquently in the situations that I  have the inclination to. I’m angry at myself for not living up to my simple expectations, but mostly, I’m angry that I neglected to put my friend first.


The IRS can Suck My . .

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Big Calloused toe. I’ve been sitting here pouring over receipts, tax forms, 1099’s, W2’s, dividend reports, you name it, It’s in this stack of crap on my desk, awaiting my half burned out retina’s to scan through and decipher the useful crap from the useless crap. It all still comes down to one thing, it’s all still Bullshit in the end.

So.. when is this country going realize that we’ve become a consumer nation and as a consumer nation it’s about time that we changed our view of how we handle Taxes. Quite frankly my dear, I, for one, am damn sick of spending copious amounts of my time reviewing the latest laws, searching for deductions that don’t amount to shit.

Personally, I think we ought to dissolve the IRS completely, No Income taxes at all. Rather than penalize those that are willing to bust their ass for a living,  I would prefer to see a tax on goods, (for example sake, say 4%). Which essentially means, if you pay $10,000 for a car- you pay a 4% tax on it to the government, if you buy a 100,000 Hummer, you still pay 4% tax on it.

The tax should not apply to certain items, those items being Groceries and Fuel, but Should apply to all other goods (Homes, Property, Vehicles, consumer Crap- the shit you buy at walmart/Target/insert your favorite store here).

Why? Because instead of a few Americans paying in taxes EVERYONE would be forced to pay taxes.  It would remove the attack against the poor complaints and the attack against the rich complaints. If you want to buy crap, pay for it.

All the (millions) of illegals in the US would be paying taxes- they’d have no choice.. they’re here, they’re going to buy “stuff”. I don’t give a rats ass how big of a wall you build between here and Mexico, this country is always going to have an influx of illegals, you might as well generate some revenue off them.

The US would save BILLIONS of dollars by removing the IRS. Think of all the man hours that would no longer have to be paid and the amount of stress that people go through filing taxes- the depression subscriptions that would drop. Incidentally, this would also ensure funding for both Social Security and Medicare, allow people to retain their entire paycheck, and brings accountability to the tax policy- something it has been lacking for quite some time.

People that are Frugal, that aren’t stuck in consumerism hell would be the ones that paid the least. If you’re happy with buying a used car, the tax was already paid, you’re all set. Maybe it would make otherwise greedy people think twice about wasting the resources at their fat little fingertips. Obviously- we live in a society of Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee, I want it and I want it right NOW. If you live within your means then you will pay less in taxes, period.

But since our current tax system is completely fucked, I’m off to make yet another pot of coffee & spend god knows how many more hours searching thoroughly for every deduction I qualify for.

IRS, this ones for you:


How Perfectly Zen of Me . . .

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Today was the epitome of a long day, I spent most of the day as a chaperone of a field trip for a large group of middle school students. In all honesty, I was rather shocked, because generally, I’ve found that I dont enjoy other peoples children. Perhaps that sounds crass to other parents, or perhaps you’re sitting in your chair nodding your head in understanding agreement.  Today, however, I found that I rather did enjoy their company. This particular group of students are the top in their class and I found them to be bright, articulate, humorous, and well mannered.

So, as I sit here, AC DC’s Hells Bells blaring in the background (thank You Zach for the reminder of how Great AC/DC is), I’m finding myself once again reflecting on previously held opinions and ruminating where these drastic changes are emanating from.

Have I simply given in to the soft side- a “Suck it up Buttercup” point of view- it is what it is and you’d better just enjoy it while you can…

Or is it that I’ve discovered things that previously stirred anger within me are no longer triggers, therefor I could care less…

Or, is it perhaps, that I truly see these things as gifts, lifes blessings if you will….

I know the latter is the most difficult rumination of all to believe, at least for me.

This entire day was a head trip. How could it not be, I mean, recall your high school days, obvious cliques, the preps, the geeks, the goths… now picture them all together on a single bus. Presto, you have just experienced my day.

From watching a mini-me of a good friend in days past… and finding myself wanting to prevent history from repeating itself… to (well now, It appears my time to blog has come to an end, sorry folks, you’ll have to come back later for the rest of Today’s Revelation!)


Religious A S S H O L E S

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People who push their religion onto others are A S S H O L E S.  I am so sick and tired of tip-toeing around so I don’t offend someone. You know what, when a Ja-Ho-Ho knocks on my door during dinner with my family to drop off a pamphlet, he doesn’t appear to be overly concerned whether he is offending me, so from now on SCREW the Religious Zealots that aren’t happy unless they’re cramming their beliefs down someone else’s throat.
I was watching the news this evening, Yet ANOTHER Baptist Minister was caught soliciting a 13 yr old boy (undercover cop) for sex by sending him photos of little boys ages 5-10 having sex! Not only was he a Baptist minister the disgusting Douche Bag was ALSO a Teacher.

Why can’t we implement a DEATH Penalty for Sexual Predators? If they are concerned about who is going to pull the plug, push the button, flip the switch, etc, I’ll be more than happy to do it. You don’t even have to put a hood over their face, I would have no problem watching their eyeballs pop out, burst or their hair catch on fire.

All in all, I have NO problem with any religion or Spiritual path. I think EVERYONE should have Something higher than themselves (or humanity) to believe in. I don’t believe any one path it the “right” path. If it’s what you believe and it’s what gets you through the day, then it’s right for you.
With that said, if you are so insecure about your faith that you have to try to recruit others, then you SUCK & your religion SUCKS.  I call it insecurity- why?
Because it’s like asking a girlfriend to go with you to the john when you’re in a restaurant; you need someone to do the same thing as you, be there with you because you’re afraid your choice is WRONG. It’s like you’re saying “hold my hand and believe what I believe so I know I am right.”


Business and Religion do NOT make Good Bed Fellows. There is nothing more of a turn off then going into a business to see Crosses hung on every wall, The Last Supper covered in cobwebs and dust.  Besides the fact that you spend your time as a consumer wondering if that’s their actual belief or is it a cheap Marketing ploy because they’re located within the “Bible Belt”.
Ok, so I recently found out from a Southern Gal that she finds it comforting to see Crosses hung in public places, she is able to take comfort in those. I personally had never thought of it that way, mainly because I don’t see them as a comfort.
Recently dh and I went to dinner and there was a cross hanging above every table, I wasn’t comforted. I was grossed out, all I picture when I see a cross is a guy NAILED to it, blood dripping from his hands and feet, sweat & tears running down his dirt dusted body, pain and suffering because, according the story, he was basically slaughtered.

As a child I was once sent to visit my Biological Father  Sperm Donor “Father”, his newest wife was Catholic and her mother was ill. I remember being in a musty old lady house, crosses hung throughout the entire house, a pained expression on the tormented face. I was sent to bed one night with a 3 foot cross hanging over the bed, while the ailing mother whom I’d never seen struggled to breathe through a tube in her throat in the next room over- sounding like a straw sucking the last drops of lemonade from the bottom of an empty glass. That slurpy dripping noise of impending death and that freak-ass cross hanging above my head, mildew & mouse urine laden blankets assaulting my nose and mice squeaking as they ran rampant through the unkempt halls.  I dreamt of demons that night, deep red razor backed demons with gold eyes and fangs and I’ll never forget it.

That’s what I see when I see a cross- Pain, Fear, Death,  not hope, not Love, not strength and certainly not Comfort.

And you know what; it’s not very fucking appetizing.


Blue Laws…

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So here it is, a beautiful Sunday morning, the Sun is shining, it’s 60+ degrees, and dh Finally has a day off. We have a bunch of errands to run, need a few groceries, and hubby needs some steel toe boots for work.

Fine… we go into walmart, spend half an hour digging through the shit on the shelves trying to find a pair that fit and Finally… FINALLY we find a pair that’s relatively comfortable. Another 15 minutes later, we have some half decent, albeit expensive, insoles to go with them. Grab a few more groceries, gallon of milk and we’re at the register.

The cashier looks up with a blank look on her face and holds up my husbands shoes… “You can buy these before 1:30 pm”.

me:   Um, I’m sorry What the Fuck??

She says, “You can’t buy shoes before 1:30 pm”.

I said, yes ma’am, I heard you the first time, WHY Not??

her: “Well the Blue Law.”

me: Okay, I’ll bite, what the hell is the BLUE Law??

Her: “Well, you shouldn’t be shopping, you should be at church. Since your not, you cant buy any merchandise- no shoes, clothes, electronics, etc. Just groceries.”

:rtfm: Um, Ex-Fucking-Scuse Me????

She said, “Well, it’s like liquor or alcohol, you cant buy it before 1:30pm”

Well, that’s just flipping Ducky dearie,  but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to drink my work boots!!!

“Well, that laws been in effect for over a hundred years and that’s just how it is”.  :yank:

So we finished ringing up and left the work shoes, the insoles and a fucking thermometer behind (yeah, apparantly you cant buy a thermometer when you have the goddamn flu, because you should be in CHURCH not Shopping!). At that particular moment I felt likeburning down the nearest congregation.



. . . the dont put out.

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Are you thinking that was a sexual statement? Well, it’s not. It’s about those moronic companies that we all pay hundreds of dollars to each year – that claim they will provide “insert whatever service floats your boat here”, only to find that they DONT PUT OUT. It’s all a big crock of shit isn’t it?

For example, I pay (alot) of money for a dedicated server. A few days ago I get an email that their server was experiencing issues and they “lost” some data, despite the backups- which incidentally were also lost. So… if I would be so kind, would I log into my account and create new ones with a new file name.

For Christsake’ I suppose, if I have to. I think I’d rather have teeth pulled with novacaine, but okay, fine. Shit happens. So, of course I log into my server only to find that the backup is now corrupt and will no longer function. So, I send out an email back to support to let them know their “issues” certainly aren’t fixed. This is 5 fucking days ago… I have called 11 Times. .. Do you mean to tell me that they can’t get the lead out of their asses and reset the back up server in FIVE DAYS TIME????

So, I call again this morning, not only is the back-up not functioning, but neither are any of the mailing lists. I have over 12,000 people on my email list that are expecting Newsletters but can I get them out, OHhhhhh NOOOOOO. (Yeah, that was as frigging sarcastic as I could get it to sound without adding a friggin’ sound byte.)

So, we are heading into Day 6 of “My hosting Company Techs have their fingers up their asses, yet they still won’t Put OUT.

~Pissed Off Lioness


. . . They don’t provide what you paid for . . .

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You pay a goddamn fortune for web hosting only to have their server crash, or your “backup” files erased. Then, when you call the tech line, some guy in god knows what frigging country answers, doesn’t speak a word of English & can’t help you because “the technicians are not available”. Assuming that is actually what they said, because who the hell can decipher, “IyimmsoVirySoiree, theeetechyneeshunss keeeNootT heelpuyoo.”

Grrrrrr. Score 1 for the tiger that ate the little bastard that aggravated him at the zoo. If only we were all so lucky.


What’s their Job?

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I’ve been here several months, just bought the place, relocated from halfway across the frigging country.  Low and behold, although I’ve found a beautiful piece of property (once I got the bulldozed mess cleaned up- a long story best kept for another day!), I contacted the phone company about setting up internet service- Dial Up- of all things. Yet another long story.

So the “tech” – and I use that term loosely, sets up the account, but screws it up, adding a digit in front of the username. No problem he tells me, I’ll take care of it. I say, ” no worries, I don’t mind that I’ve already been on the phone 43 minutes to CREATE a username” (that should take about 5 minutes), but hell I didn’t say a word.  Get my first months bill- they double charge me for the service. Call them up and in my most patient manner I can muster, I explain the error. No worries, they’ll credit me on Next Months bill, but I have to Pay THIS bill, ($76 in error!) in full. Ooookay.

I pay the damn bill. Next Months Bill comes, same issue- they’ve double billed me, only this time, they bill me for a second line as well. Again, I spend nearly an hour on the phone, finally they state that it will be credited, NEXT Month, but I must pay this bill in full.

Next Months Bill arrives, it is now November, they credit me for double charging in Sept and October but then turn around and Double Charge me On top of the Credit for the previous Months! Are you fucking Shitting me???

After another 28 minutes on the phone I am assured that this will NOT happen again. (Yeah, want to fucking bet?)

So I just get ANOTHER Phone bill, by now I have OVERPAID $166. and have been credited back $33.  Now, the bill shows a credit to Dec 1, but then Double Charges me for 2 accounts during the month of December. So I call, the customer service lady is quite thrilled to pass me through to Internet billing- apparantly she didn’t need a new asshole (and I was more than ready to rip her one), Internet Billing lady then explains that, “Why Yes, Ms. Angry Lioness, your account was cancelled, but the service rep didn’t have the authority to give you a credit, which will now appear on your NEXT bill. Please be sure to Pay THIS bill in full.

Yeah, I’ll get right on that, and while I’m at it, could you send me a mattress size cheeze grater and a kiddie pool full of alcohol so I have something to slide down?