When People Suck . . .

People Suck When . . .


Things that Piss me Off-Fa-Fa

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January 1, 2008

Things that piss me off. . .

1. People Screaming in my Face
2. Toilet seats with drops of piss on them
3. Cats that cry to go out at 3 am
4. Neighbors dogs that shit on my walkway
5. being unable to find the shotgun shells while the dog is still shitting
6. dried egg on dishes
7. Reality TV shows
8. the Writers Strike
9. Religious arguments during elections
10. Bills that are unpaid
11. Bill Collectors
12. Telemarketers
13. people that use other people
14. Ja-ho’ho’s knocking on my door during dinner
15. Anti Gun Laws
16. Internet Coupons that wont print
17. Clinton- I don’t care which one- they both piss me off
18. Women that “Fake” cry
19. Men that believe them
20. The IRS
21. sending money to other countries to “Cure” their issues
22. people that smoke in public places. Hey- if you want to hawk up a lung that’s your business, but I don’t want to smell the shit
23. Men that Vote on a Womans Right to Abortion – when your penis falls off and you suddenly sprout a vagina you can have an opinion on whether its right for you to have an Abortion or Not. Until then, you’d better hope your own daughters, (or wife/girlfriend/sister etc) aren’t forced to use coathangers because they were raped and you’re so much of control freak she was afraid to Tell You.
24. Rapists
25. Ministers that Molest Kids (and the people that make excuses for them or protect them)
26. Religious Zealots – (hey, If you are religious/spiritual and believe in a higher soul, WONDERFUL! but your path isn’t the only right one and you’re not going to convert me by trying to Shove it down my fucking throat.)

April 10, 2010

It’s been a couple of years, I thought I’d add a few things to the list. . .

  1. OBAMA.
  2. Illegal Immigrants
  3. People that live and work in the USA and Cannot Fucking Speak ENGLISH
  4. Politicians that use Tax Dollars to Fly to timbucktoo to fucking get laid on my dime
  5. The POPE (Who should be Re-named- “The Pedophile Protector of the Century”
  6. Rootkit viruses & Microsoft- they both suck.

It’s been a few more years, Adding More things that Completely & Utterly PISS ME OFF June 14,2013

  1. OBAMA- Seriously, I wish someone would shoot this Ignorant Lying Piece of SHIT. He’s violated every constitutional right we have- he is America’s #1 Terrorist
  2. GMO’s- Monsanto- if I had a dick, I’d tell you to SUCK it. Your Chemically enhanced Round-up ready poison is destroying the earth and killing Millions and OBAMA- the worlds biggest terrorist is FUNDING you. You both SUCK
  3. Inconsiderate Spouses- hey asshole, if your wife is crying at night while she’s laying beside you, chances are she’s thinking about LEAVING.